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Course Title : Invincible Kicks of Wing Chun


The kicking technique is a general expression in the Chinese martial arts for skills of the lower limbs. Wing Chun belongs to “Southern Fists” of the “Southern Fists, Northern Kicks” martial arts community that is famous for overcoming the opponents with the skilful and wide use of the hand techniques alone. That said, the unique aspect of Wing Chun’s close-range combat skills on kicking will, quoted by GGM Ip Man, “give you a third hand and an edge over your opponent”.

Course Objective

This course is designed to elaborate and analyse the kicking techniques of the Ip Man lineage in a holistic, scientific and systematic approach that can enable participants to quickly grasp the essence of Wing Chun kicking techniques.

Course Structure and Content

In the practical sessions, the students can learn the applications of the “Wing Chun 8 Legs”, as well as the rarely taught training methods. It includes the authentic Chi Gerk (Sticky leg) exercise, Kicking dummy form, the Jut Gerk Vs Tan Sau…. Etc. For the theory part, it will cover the principles of using the Wing Chun kicks and their roles in the whole Wing Chun spectrum.

The course is divided into 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Each level contains four 2-hour lessons.

Level 1 (Basic) – Lesson 1 to 4
Ø  The two basic forms of kicks, Ching Gerk and Wang Gerk, its applications andtraining methods
Ø  Half-moon kick

Level 2 (Intermediate) – Lesson 5 to 8
Ø The Wing Chun 8 legs – theory and practice
Ø The basic Chi Gerk (Sticky Leg) exercise
Ø Applications of Wing Chun kicks in fighting and Chi Sau range (Part 1)

Level 3 (Advanced) – Lesson 9 to 12
Ø The kicking dummy form and its applications
Ø The advanced supplementary Chi Gerk exercise
Ø Applications of Wing Chun kicks in fighting and Chi Sau range (Part 2)

Target Group
Wing Chun practitioners who have finished the Chum Kiu level.


  • Participants are free to join any level, but it is advisable to take 3 levels together as the contents of each level are inter-related.
  • HK$920 per level for enrolling 3 levels together, total sum is HK$2,760. Payment can be made in 3 separate payments as per the payment method stated below.
  • Individual level: HK$1,100
  • Individual lesson: HK$460 Payment Method

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